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  • purchased audtip.org domain name, 10$/year recurring charge
  • Copied old google sites location in its entirety (googlesite copy command from site management page/general) to audtip.org.

new for the week of 2/16

  • [MN 32 ] Mahāgosiṅga 18min english
  • [MN 2 ] Sabbāsava  : All the taints 20min english
  • [MN 10] 60min Pali chant by famous Sri Lankan monk
  • new pali student recitation 4 min: [ Khn Khp 9 ] Metta [Karaṇīyamettā]     {   Khp 8 }


  • [MN 44 ] Cūḷavedalla: Shorter Series of Questions and Answers
  • 20min audio, english b.bodhi trans, spk=frank_k. 10min to upload to archive, update database



  •  Khp 9 Metta [Karaṇīyamettā] Sutta { Khp 8 }



  • audio_tipitaka now has a contact email address for those whom it is not feasible to join the audio_tipitaka googlegroups.see other ways of contacting

  • In frank's test (with mp3 samples to listen to), the zoom h2 goes head to head against the palm pre smartphone in a one minute deathmatch.

  • html list formatting was cut and paste from open office writer html editor, seems to be integrating reasonably well with google sites editor, except for line spacing.


  • [ KhN Dhp ]    Dhammapada has at least 5 multilingual recitations + chants on the web

  • frank k does his second test, (zoom h2)  a 3 minute sutta excerpt comparing noise cleaned to uncleaned version, standalone vs. usbmic mode.

  • 5min excerpt from [MN 143] read by Shaila Catherine. It's an awesome verse. The General of the Dhamma, Sariputta, attends to the famous lay person Anathapindika on his death bed and gives a profound teaching on emptiness. Worth listening to repeatedly, slowly. The excerpt was extracted from her dhamma talk using audacity, similar to text editor functions ctrl-c, ctrl-v cut and paste. audio was normalized to boost volume.

  • Wiki section has migrated over to left sidebar menu

  • wiki for Zoom h2 portable recorder


  • vism.chap12 10min English audio  Mahā-Moggallāna battles the royal nāga Nandopananda