Volunteers Needed

With your help, Audio Tipitaka is creating the largest collection of audio recordings of the Buddha's teachings on the internet. Become a volunteer and help spread the word of the Buddha.
The best way to contact us is through our Google Group. Just jump right in and post a question or introduce yourself.

For other ways to connect, look here.

Proof-listeners (PL) Needed Urgently

If you can download audio files from the internet and listen to them, then you can help by proof listening. It's just like proof reading, but done with your ears! You're only listening for obvious mistakes. For instructions on how to get involved as a proof-listener, visit the Wiki. This is the easiest way to get involved and help with the project.


Anyone can read and record suttas. All voices are welcome. You can read in any language, English, Pali, Spanish, Chinese, whatever. As long as the translation is available for freed distribution. It's easy to record using your computer or portable recording device. To learn about how to read and what to read, visit the Wiki.

Website Maintenance

There's lots of work to be done adding links to existing audio sutta content on the web to Audio Tipitaka indexes. If you would like to help, contact us through our Google Group.

Fact Checkers (FC)

People with some understanding of sutta numbers and names can help by verifying that the file names and ID3 tag settings are correct. Take a look at the page explaining the file naming convention and the ID3 tag settings and see if it is up your alley. If it is, then contact us.

Book Coordinators (BC)

More description of a BC on the wiki. As of 3/20/2011 we are in great need for assistance in this area.

Field Recorders

People who have access to fluent reciters of Pali, such as monks and nuns, can record 5 to 10 minute excerpts of Pali text and submit them.

Chinese Suttas

There are 1.5+ billion Chinese speakers in the world and growing, comprising a significant percentage of the world population. For the health and longevity of Theravada, it is vital that someone translate the Agamas or the Pali Suttas into Modern, intelligible Chinese, similar to how B.Bodhi and Thanissaro have provided modern English translations of the Pali. The Chinese of the Agamas is too archaic for even highly educated Chinese to have any chance of comprehending it.

We hope there are already qualified Buddhist scholars (with a strong Buddhist practice) undertaking this task. If there are high quality Chinese sutta texts translated from Pali or Agamas and rendered in comprehensible modern Chinese, and licensing terms similar to our English translations, please let us know. We'll make an audio version.