Crowd sourced audio wiki

Make a crowd sourced multi-lingual audio Tipitaka similar to suttareadings.net  and map out and provide links to  existing audio material on the web such as Bhikkhu Anandajoti's  selected sutta readings ancient-buddhist-texts

librivox is a role model that proves this idea works

They started out in 2006, and as of 2011 have over 3600 public domain audio books in their catalog , which includes an English version of Dhammapada (from Max Mueller translation) that has been downloaded over 20,000 times,  and a german translation as well. Their library includes classics such as War and Peace (!) ( took a large team of readers several years to complete), Pride and Prejudice, works by Mark Twain, and much more. If there are people in the world that felt "War and Peace" was worth the effort to produce, surely we can find enough Buddhists willing to spend 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes to read Suttas or Sutta excerpts to eventually complete an audio Tipitaka. 

Methods and principles

Make it easy for other Tipitaka websites to link to audtip.org content

Audio sutta collection will eventually number in the thousands, so it's important to organize the data in a coherent way. The data should be  easy for web based and pc standalone Tipitaka readers to link to the content here.

Be mobile device  friendly

Layout of website will be easy navigate for smart phones and small internet mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, android phones, newer touch screen models of Blackberry. Someone with an iPhone should be able to use their broadband wireless phone to navigate this site to stream a sutta to listen to. Or download to their mobile mp3 players at home to take for a walk.


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