MN 119 Kāyagatāsati: Mindfulness of Body

"Monks, for one in whom mindfulness immersed in the body is cultivated, developed, pursued, handed the reins and taken as a basis, given a grounding, steadied, consolidated, & well-undertaken, ten benefits can be expected. Which ten?

[1] "He conquers displeasure & delight, and displeasure does not conquer him. He remains victorious over any displeasure that has arisen.

[2] "He conquers fear & dread, and fear & dread do not conquer him. He remains victorious over any fear & dread that have arisen.

[3] "He is resistant to cold, heat, hunger, thirst, the touch of gadflies & mosquitoes, wind & sun & creeping things; to abusive, hurtful language; he is the sort that can endure bodily feelings that, when they arise, are painful, sharp, stabbing, fierce, distasteful, disagreeable, deadly.

[4] "He can attain at will, without trouble or difficulty, the four jhanas — heightened mental states providing a pleasant abiding in the here & now.

[5-9] "He wields manifold supranormal powers...

 ... (the first 5 of the 6 higher knowledges)

[10] "Through the ending of the mental effluents, he remains in the effluent-free awareness-release & discernment-release, having known and made them manifest for himself right in the here & now. (translation is Thanissaro from MN 119 )


Ven. Ānandajoti reading his own translation,  35min,  ancient-buddhist-texts

MN 119 Kāyagatāsati: Mindfulness Immersed in the Body
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MN119 Kāyagatāsati: (Burmese reading)
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