MN 111 Anupada: One by One As They Occurred

The Blessed One said, "Monks, Sāriputta is wise, of great discernment, deep discernment, wide... joyous... rapid... quick... penetrating discernment. For half a month, Sāriputta clearly saw insight[1] into mental qualities one after another. This is what occurred to Sāriputta through insight into mental qualities one after another:

"There was the case where Sāriputta — quite secluded from sensuality, secluded from unskillful qualities — entered & remained in the first jhāna: rapture & pleasure born of seclusion, accompanied by directed thought & evaluation. Whatever qualities there are in the first jhāna — directed thought, evaluation, rapture, pleasure, singleness of mind, contact, feeling, perception, intention, consciousness,[2] desire, decision, persistence, mindfulness, equanimity, & attention — he ferreted them out one after another. Known to him they arose, known to him they remained, known to him they subsided. He discerned, 'So this is how these qualities, not having been, come into play. Having been, they vanish.' He remained unattracted & unrepelled with regard to those qualities, independent, detached, released, dissociated, with an awareness rid of barriers. He discerned that 'There is a further escape,' and pursuing it there really was for him. (excerpt translated by Thanissaro)

(similarly for 2nd jhana, through base of infinite nothingness, then for 8th and 9th attainment, Sāriputta had to "emerge" from attainment to examine what happened, whereas in attainments 1-7 he is continuously aware and doing satipaṭṭāna while in jhāna)


MN 111 Anupada: One After Another
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mn 111 anupada