MN 084 Madhurā: At Madhurā

I heard thus. At one time venerable Mahàkaccàyana was living in Madhura in the Gunda forest. King Avantiputta of Madhura heard that venerable Mahàkaccàyana was living in Madhura in the Gunda forest, and fame of venerable Mahàkaccàyana had spread, he is wise, learned, a clever preacher, a perfected one since long, and it is good to see such perfect ones. Then king Avantiputta of Madhura getting ready good conveyances went to see venerable Mahàkaccàyana in all royal splendour. Going as far as the conveyances could carry them went on foot and approached venerable Mahàkaccàyana. Approaching and exchanging friendly greetings with venerable Mahàkaccàya, sat on a side and said thus: ßVenerable sir, brahmins say, brahmins are from the chief clan, the most superior in appearance, all other clans are inferior, its the brahmins born from the mouth of Brahma, his hereditary sons, that purify, non-brahmins do not purify. What has good Kaccàyana to say about this?û (excerpt from   )


MN 084 [2.4.4] Madhurā (chant)
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