MN 070 Kīṭāgiri: At Kīṭāgiri

A discourse on the importance of conviction in the Buddhist path. Not only is conviction a prerequisite for listening to the Buddha's teachings with respect, but — as is shown by the unusual discussion here categorizing the types of noble disciples — it can underlie the practice all the way to the Deathless.


MN 070 Kīṭāgiri: At Kīṭāgiri
Translator Thanissaro Bhikkhu
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recorded on 2012-05 licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0 , sutta text (c) 2005 Thanissaro Bhikkhu
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MN 070 [2.2.10] Kīṭāgiri (chant)
Translator BJT
Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 67m 36s, 61.9 MB Download
recorded on 2012-02 licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0 , sutta text BJT: Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka
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