MN 068 Naḷakapāna: At Naḷakapāna

 Anuruddhā, it is not for the sake of deceiving people, nor for the sake of popular talk, nor for the sake of such benefits as gains, praises and renown, nor hoping, „May people know it to be so, that the Tathagata declare the reappearance of a disciple who has passed away, who has died, thus: 
      ‘So-and-so had reappeared in such-and-such a place. So-and-so had reappeared in such-and-such a place.’
      For, indeed, Anuruddhā, there are sons of family with faith, greatly inspired, greatly gladdened, who having heard this, will direct their minds to such a goal. This, Anuruddhā, is for their good and happiness for a long time.”  (excerpt from Piya Tan translation)


MN 068 Naḷakapāna : The Discourse at Naḷakapāna
Translator Piya Tan
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recorded on 2012-04 licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0 , sutta text (c) 2007 Piya Tan
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MN 068 [2.2.8] Naḷakapāna (chant)
Translator BJT
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recorded on 2012-02 licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0 , sutta text BJT: Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka
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