MN 016 Cetokhila: Wilderness in Heart

  “Bhikshus, that any monk who has not given up the five kinds of mental barrenness, not uprooted
the five kinds of mental bondage, would indeed attain growth, abundance and maturity in this Teaching
and Discipline [Dharma-Vinaya]—this is impossible.

    What are the five kinds of mental barrenness (ceto,khila) that have not been given up?
(1)  Here, bhikshus, a monk is uncertain about the Teacher, doubtful, uncommitted to him, not confid-
ent of him.
For such a monk, ... , his mind does not incline to fervent practice, to continued practice, to perseverance, to striving... " (excerpt from Piya Tan's translation)


MN 016 Cetokhila: Mental Barrenness
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mn 16 cetokhila wilderness in heart mental barrenness


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