Note that some of the time stamps are now slightly off since I spliced in an audio line of text that as missing "he knows an unconcentrated mind as unconcentrated..." 

I experimented with a new way of noting additions and omissions. ++
means it was added by the reader, --means it was removed. Let me know
if doing it that way is helpful.

he sat down at one side and told the Blessed One what ++the+++
Sunakkhatta was saying.

"Sariputta, this misguided man Sunakkhatta will never infer of me
according to ++the++ Dhamma:

3:40 --seated-- ++seating++ cross-legged, he travels in space like a
bird;seated cross-legged, he travels in space like a bird;

5:40 he understands a concentrated mind as concentrated --and an
unconcentrated mind as unconcentrated;-- he understands a liberated
mind as liberated and an unliberated mind as unliberated.'

9:06 There I was so named, of such a clan, with such an appearance,
such was my nutriment, such ++was++ my experience of pleasure and

10:50 giving effect++s++ to right view in their actions,

24:56 came by a path going in one way only and directed to --that-- +
+the++ same charcoal pit.

47:10 Sariputta, you may think that --the-- rice grain was bigger at
that time, yet you should not regard it so: the rice grain was then at
++the++ most the same size as now.

53:14 "Rightly speaking, were it --to be-- said of anyone: