MN 008 Sallekha: Effacement

The Theras of the First Council added this verse at the end of the sutta:
"Deep like the ocean is this Suttanta on Effacement, Dealing with forty-four items, showing them in five sections."

The Buddha puts some perspective on the role of the four jhanas and four arupa jhanas on the path to awakening. Those 8 attainments are merely peaceful abidings, whereas the 44 items demonstrate what the Buddha considers genuine effacement in his teachings.

Those following a bodhisattva path should carefully read the ending section of this sutta: "Cunda, it is impossible that one who is himself sunk in the mire should pull out another who is sunk in the mire..."


MN 008 Sallekha: The Discourse on Effacement
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MN 008 [1.1.8] Sallekha (chant)
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