khp 9

 Khp 9    Metta [Karaṇīyamettā]     {   Khp 8 }

some of the audio files for this sutta hosted here:

2 Pāḷi recitations (not chanted)

Read by Satyadhana   1.7 MB

pali student

Feb. 2011: spk = frank_k‎ ,  pali disclaimer
3.8 MB  4 min. audio
noise cleaned  3.8 MB  version of same audio

10 Pāḷi chanting

5 Sri Lankan Pāḷi pronunciation

this one recommended by an Pali expert for good Indian style pronunciation
1. The Metta Sutta, recited by Ven Seelagawesi Thero. Audio file fidelity excellent.

2 metta chants from Dhammaruwan

2 year old boy chant (from
(to hear Metta sutta, skip to last 33% of the audio file)

the boy Dhammaruwan chanting metta as an adult 13.7 MB   (file originally from, version has volume boosted. 

story about 2 year old boy spontaneously chanting Pali in the style of 6th century monk:

bhante gunaratana 3.2 MB    pali chant in mp3   

Ven Ariyadhamma Maha (file is low res, grainy sound)  pirithdesana            

1 Pāḷi chant accompanied with text has visual chant instructions

both samples are grainy and too low of a resolution to hear very clearly.

3 Pali chanted by students of Thai lineages

Thanissaro and wat metta monks have a pali chant in mp3 2.2 MB 

amaravati children's choir in pali: (sampling rate low, audio quality limited by small file size compression)

amaravati sangha : video of nature + pali chant

1 English chanting

Abhayagiri monks
3mb file

2 Pāḷi singing

slide show with color illustrations of Buddha

Chandrabodhi chant/sings in Indian style

metta instruction in english

(36 min talk Bhante Gunaratana)