DN 02: english, b.bodhi trans, rdrfrn, ~1hr 30min playtime

  [DN 2] Sāmaññaphala Sutta (The Fruits of Recluseship) 

1 English full sutta reading, reader frank_k  started on 1/30/2011

3/3/2011: deleted all the recordings in the links below from archive.org, because src text is BPS pub.

archive for this sutta is here:

10 audio parts to this sutta

Using BPS paperback book. Starts on page 16, ends p51.

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dn2_part2_normalized.mp3 5.0 MB 3.2 MB
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part 1 and part 2

1st section reading up to page 19, up to "doctrine of purana"
about 10 min of reading, in two files. Doing it as an experiment to see how well 5-10 min segments can be pasted together later. Looking at the results of this first reading, I can already see why librivox doesn't let its readers do it. The volume changed when I stopped at the first file, turned teh book page, and probably had my mouth a little closer to the mic.

part 3

 3rd section: 18min. Whew! My longest session yet. Sipped water while reading. In this section the king questions the other famous teachers during the Buddha's time on their views of the fruits of recluseship.
audacity cleanup: two spikes in the audio ("pops", 'plosives), probably from when I turned teh page too close to the mic) prevented the normalization from boosting the volume quite high enough.

part 4 + part 5

another 30min worth of recording today. In this section, the Buddha discusses the fruits of recluseship for renunciates, monks, and what types of wrong speech, wrong action, wrong livelihood are to be avoided.

wedn. 2/2/2011 finish it up!

part 6

restraint of the sense faculties
mindfulness and clear comprehension
abandoning the 5 hindrances (and 5 great similes)

part 7

The four jhanas and their similes

part 8

insight knowledge (of 4 elements) & beryl gem simile
knowledge of mind-made body and simile of sheath/reed, etc.

part 9

6 knowledges (supernormal powers... destruction of taints), and 6 similes
(in audio file mp3) you can see the spike at about the 6:20m mark, which caused the normalization of the volume on this file to be lower than the previous 2.

part 10

King Ajātasattu declares himself a lay follower for life


all files were normalized but not noise cleaned. Noise cleaning with current beta version of audacity works great for the most part, but still causes a little bit of distortion. I chose the slight background hiss over the slight distortion and the eery complete silences and slight loss of human warmth in the voice. Others would choose differently.