AN 11 in pāli, complete set of recordings.

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Sādhu, Ven. Jiv!

AN 11 here

AN 10 complete set of Pāli recordings

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All the mp3's total to about 1.3 Gigabytes, and that works out to roughly 1 megabyte per minute of mp3 recording, so 1300 minutes for AN 10 works out to something on the order of 17 hours of Pāli chanting. This was 2 to 3 years in the works of chanting by Ven. Jiv. Sādhu!

The audio files themselves are hosted on,

The website is being redesigned, eventually you can reach all of those AN recordings via the normal navigation links. transitioning into standalone local website

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I'm in the process of converting the website and database into a simpler format. 
Here's a preview.

When completed, will have
  • an online web version of the website,
  • a standalone version of the site that runs on your PC or mobile device,
  • and another standalone version with links that play local downloads of the audio files rather than point to the audio files that are hosted on internet

archive of old announcements before 2015

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(links to older audtip recordings not yet integrated into 2015 website)
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AN 10 in pāli

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January 2015

AN 10.0061 Avijjā (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 19m 23s, 17.7 MB Download
AN 10.0062 Taṇhā (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 22m 24s, 20.5 MB Download
AN 10.0063 Niṭṭhaṅgata [Niṭṭhā] (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 2m 34s, 2.3 MB Download
AN 10.0064 Aveccappasanna (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 2m 40s, 2.4 MB Download
AN 10.0065 Sukha 1 (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 4m 2s, 3.7 MB Download
AN 10.0066 Sukha 2 (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 4m 14s, 3.9 MB Download
AN 10.0067 Lakapāna 1 [Naḷakapāna 1] (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 16m 59s, 15.6 MB Download
AN 10.0068 Lakapāna 2 [Naḷakapāna 2] (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 11m 29s, 10.5 MB Download
AN 10.0069 Kathāvatthu 1 (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 7m 41s, 7.0 MB Download
AN 10.0070 Kathāvatthu 2 (chant) Read by Bhikkhu Jiv., 7m 53s, 7.2 MB Download

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