AN 10.0060 Girimānanda: to Girimānanda Thera

excerpt of sutta from Piyadassi translation sutta text:

"Should you, Ananda, visit the monk Girimananda and recite to him the ten contemplations, then that monk Girimananda having heard them, will be immediately cured of his disease.

"What are the ten?

Contemplation of impermanence.
Contemplation of anatta (absence of a permanent self or soul).
Contemplation of foulness (asubha).
Contemplation of disadvantage (danger).
Contemplation of abandonment.
Contemplation of detachment.
Contemplation of cessation.
Contemplation of distaste for the whole world.
Contemplation of impermanence of all component things.
Mindfulness of in-breathing and out-breathing.


AN 10.0060 Girimānanda Sutta: Discourse to Girimānanda Thera
Piyadassi, Bhikkhu,  sutta text
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recorded on april 2011 licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0 , sutta text ©1999 Buddhist Publication Society.

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