AN 09.0041 Tapussagahapati [Tapussa]: To Tapussa

This sutta shows the progression from each successive jhāna (for all 9 attainments), what the defect is in each one, and why the next higher attainment is superior. What is very interesting is for the four jhānas, the wording seems to definitively state that the defect of each jhana is examined and actively noticed while in that attainment, whereas the Vism. would say one has to first emerge from a jhāna before any evaluation can happen.

Another interesting feature is the simile for the 4 formless dimensions used: "Just as pain arises as an affliction for a healthy person, even so the attention to perceptions dealing with..."

However, since that same simile is used for all 4 formless dimensions, as well as the 4 jhānas, it doesn't seem to say something unique about the formless dimensions, such as whether one has bodily awareness in 4th jhāna.

Why is the Buddha giving this discourse to the householder Tapassa, who seems to be at the stage of the ordinary worldling struggling with temptations of sensuality? That's a long way from the formless dimensions and cessation of perception of feeling.


AN 09.0041 Tapussa: To Tapussa
Translator Thanissaro Bhikkhu
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